33 Reasons Why You Have Found Your Soul Mate

33 Reasons Why You Have Found Your Soul Mate

  1. Your first conversation on the phone was like one long sentence. Serendipity is the name of your game. Each pause was so brief that it was barely noticeable. You could not stop sharing your interests with them or listening to them share their interests. In fact, you could not believe that this person had such similar interests as you and that they were so interesting!
  2.  When you finally went on that first date, it was epic. You seem to be moving at just the same speed. Sure, you had a great time. You got to know each other a lot better. But more than that…in the back of your mind…on some level…you just knew.
  3. Your first meal together: no matter how hungry you were, you could barely eat anything because of the swarm of butterflies in your stomach. And when you could finally share a meal together without that swarm of  butterflies, you found out something else. When you’re sharing a dessert, she always offers you the last bit of ice cream at the bottom of the bowl. The same way you will always offer her the last piece of cake, or the last cookie.
  4. You both have the same Love Language. If her Love Language is Quality Time, so is yours! If his Love Language is Acts of Service, so is yours! Or, maybe you both share the Love Languages of Physical Affection or Words of Affirmation. No matter which ones you share, you find out quickly that you are so far ahead of the game in compatibility, that other couples would be jealous if they knew.
  5. Your life goals track educationally. Either you both have finished college or you are both in college. Either you both are out of high school and have no interest in going to college, or you are both firmly established in your careers. No matter what phase you are in, you are pleased to discover that your potential life partner is in the same phase.
  6. Even if you differ in specific political views, you at least approach politics from the same direction. You both either believe in big government or small government, helping people or not helping people, and you both have the same general idea of what freedom looks like and what it means to be free. So, even if you support different parties or candidates, you tend to do so for almost the exact same reasons.
  7. You are quick to defend each other. When one of you feels like the other is being attacked or bullied or even belittled, the other is the first to come to their aid, providing support in whatever way is needed. You have each other’s backs.
  8. She’ll ask about how your day went and then waits to let you tell her all about it. She seldom interrupts and then only with conscientious questions or offers of encouragement. While this is new to you, you quickly come to realize that this is what a healthy relationship looks like. And you are only too happy to reciprocate.
  9. Your first kiss, no matter how clumsy or awkward, opens your eyes to an important fact: Not only do you not want to stop kissing her for the rest of the date…you also realize that you really don’t want to stop kissing her for the rest of your life…This thought both surprises and excites you.
  10. You love to dress up and look nice for each other. You like him in a suit and you love wearing that special dress for him when you are dining at a fine restaurant. BUT you also love him in jeans or sweats and a t-shirt. And you are so happy that he loves seeing you being comfortable in your favorite sweat shirt and no make-up.
  11. Life happens. You both get so busy with work, errands, children, cooking, cleaning, etc. etc. But you ALWAYS make time for each other.
  12. Their name comes up in conversation at least once whenever you are talking to anyone. Because they are now part of your story.
  13. Every couple has “our show” which you watch together and neither of you would ever dream of watching an episode individually and skipping ahead of the other…and THAT is love.
  14. He opens the car door for you. He holds the doors at restaurants, stores, etc. for you. When you are sitting down to eat, it does not matter if you are in a 5 star restaurant or at home with just the two of grabbing a quick bite around the kitchen table. He pulls out the chair for you. Every. Single. Time.
  15. You are a true team. Whenever an issue arises, the problem at hand is the focal point. You do not blame each other when life happens. You partner together to resolve whatever crisis presents itself.
  16. You love planning a grand adventure requiring a great deal of resources of both time and money…but you get equal enjoyment from seemingly mundane chores such as going to the grocery store…all that matters is that you are together.
  17. She steals your shirts…and looks damn good in them.
  18. You don’t complete each other. You weren’t really looking for a serious relationship when fate dropped the two of you in each other’s lives. You were complete before you met. You were adulting successfully and you were happy. But after just a few dates (or, in some cases, after the First Date!) you honestly cannot imagine your life without them.
  19. In fact, you both probably started planning a future with each other long before you admitted it to either yourself or each other…
  20. She laughs at your stupid jokes and puns. She laughs because you are so over the top cheesy and goofy. She just loves how ridiculous you are.
  21. The morning texts he sends you and the sweet texts he sends you randomly throughout the day, puts a smile on your face. Others even comment on how happy you are all the time.
  22. You have pet names and nicknames for each other that sound crazy when other people overhear you. What might sound like an insult to others is something that you have incorporated into your dialogue for some reason or another. These names are nothing more or less than terms of endearment.
  23. Hair a mess, no make-up, but there is something about the way the light touches her eyes when she is looking at you…it just kinda takes your breath away.
  24. You both had less than ideal relationships in the past. You’ve both built up walls in one form or another as a defense mechanism, a form of self-protection that was necessary at the time. You may have even given up on the whole concept of love as a thing. But none of that matters now. Now that you’re together, all the walls have come down. The intimacy and vulnerability that seemed so scary before now somehow feels safe.
  25. You are each other’s biggest cheerleader. You freely give each other encouragement to dream big dreams and achieve incredible goals. You not only bring out the best in each other naturally, you also challenge each other to go beyond your respective comfort zones and grow as individuals.
  26. You can not only finish each other’s sentences more often than not, but you have taken it to a whole ‘nother level. When others are talking to you and you are both there, you both have a tendency to respond with the same word or phrase at exactly the same time.
  27. You’re blown away that she not only likes super-hero movies, but that she can also speak intelligently on the subject of DC vs. Marvel, the Justice League vs. Avengers/ X-Men, etc. She’s also pleasantly surprised by your enjoyment of romantic-comedies.
  28. You know his strengths and defer to him when a problem requires something in his skill set. At the same time, you know your own strengths and have no problem asserting yourself when necessary.
  29. You’ve seen each other at your worst, and you are not phased at all. You’re not going anywhere. You wouldn’t dream of it. Not being together is something that you cannot even fathom.
  30. The crazy things you say, half-jokingly, are given thoughtful, if amused, consideration by the other. “Hey, that would be a fun tree to climb…!” 
  31. When you are with each other, it just feels like home. Doesn’t matter where you are. You always have that feeling of belonging when you are together.
  32. You both look up sappy romantic blogs and articles with titles like ‘Ways to Tell if You Have Found Your Soul Mate’ and send them to each other…
  33. You had certain plans for the future that did not include meeting your soulmate. Now those plans have all gone to shit. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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