Septembrance photo 1

the softing of the sky feels like a light breeze

but it should be something more…

something more sane…

more like rain.

what do the heavens take for congestion

and pain…?

the sky is scarred and scudded with clouds

that hold no promise

only a faint suggestion of rain.

the storm is straining for release

but being

held back by a tight leash.

this is that time of heavy treads and anticipation

when the world waits in trepidation.

the dry grounds cracks, splitting slightly,

then pulling apart

gaping more widely.

children run and jump and play, stumbling.

tripping, slipping, they fall, unaware of

the dangers of sliding all the way to hell.

they forgot the ground’s warning, the rumbling,

they forgot the strangers’ mumbling,

all they can remember is the pain

of skinned knees and hot tears

and no one there

to wipe the blood or calm the fears.

let August fall to September

let September surrender to October

let me sleep until i no longer remember,

just wake me when it’s over. because,

this is that time when all the words have been said

and trust has been bent all the way backwards

like thin metal,

and when the dust settles, the silence that is left

is something almost, but not quite, dead.

the silence steals over us like  something

humid…thick, sticky and electric..

lightning that is afraid to strike…

but i am not afraid to go outside

take me where the air is thick with ozone,

i am quick and don’t care if i have to go alone,

let the thunder come and yell it’s abuse

i will not run.

what’s the use?

when you are at your weakest

and feel like you can’t go on any longer

you begin to suspect that while

your roots are deep and wide,

that the wind might be a little bit stronger…

so let the lightning split my limbs

from my trunk and let the burning

consume me

as the light rain begins to finally fall…

find me free

in the place we used to be

when the flames take me

branches, leaves, and all.

Septembrance photo

© Copyright 2015. Words and Photos by Jefferson Holbrook.

All Rights Reserved.


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